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Crowdfunding First for Sunshine Cat Rescue

Crowdfunding First for Sunshine Cat Rescue

Local charity, Sunshine Cat Rescue, is running its first crowdfunding campaign to raise £1500 for two new pens for its cats and kittens. The charity rescues more than 200 stray and abandoned cats in Oxfordshire every year and finds them loving new homes, but with more animals coming in all the time they are running out of space. The charity is run entirely by volunteers and the new pens will mean their foster carers can look after thirty more cats and kittens a year. Sunshine Cat Rescue never puts a healthy animal to sleep, but unfortunately that isn’t true of all shelters so they don’t want to turn any cat away. Laura Farley, a volunteer at Sunshine Cat Rescue, said ‘We’re really excited about this campaign, it’s hard for small charities like ours to make ends meet and we’re hoping it will raise awareness of the work we’re doing and make it easy for people to donate. We’re looking after 18 adult cats and 44 kittens at the moment so we’re creaking at the seams”

Crowdfunding started in America as a way for business start-ups to raise money, but now more and more charities in this country are using it too. The idea is to make a small donation online and then share the link with friends and family, by email or on social media, and ask them to donate and/or share too. This creates a viral effect and helps the charity to reach more people without having to spend money on marketing.

Sunshine Cat Rescue is using the not-for-profit crowdfunding website WildCrowd for its campaign. WildCrowd, also based in Oxfordshire, only supports animal welfare and conservation charities. When you make a donation you can claim a little reward from WildCrowd as a thank you. The rewards are provided by small ethical companies and change regularly, but currently include a free A6 wildlife notebook from Lifeforms Art when you donate £10, or an eyeliner from premium beauty brand Odylique when you donate £20. You can make a donation using a credit card or a Paypal account and if you register for gift aid the charity can claim a further 25%.

You can donate to Sunshine Cat Rescue’s campaign by visiting their page on the WildCrowd website at



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