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Sponsor Charlie

Charlie - Domestic Short Hair - 1 Year

Charlie is a lovely mostly black male who is about a year old (as of 14 March). He has had considerable tummy problems that need vet attention so he was taken on by Sunshine Cat Rescue as a Sponsor Cat. He is living with a dedicated long-term fosterer and several of her cats.
Charlie is settling well and thunders around the bungalow, flying with excitement. At first he was reluctant to be handled but is gradually becoming more affectionate. He particularly enjoys his food and mealtimes are a good time to bond with his human! He still hasn’t been out into the garden as his fosterer is waiting until she can trust him to come back again, also she’s hoping he will grow out of the bird-catching stage.  Could you help Charlie enjoy life in his new home by contributing to his upkeep and vet’s bills?


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