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Adopt Mabel

Mabel - Domestic Short Hair - 6 years


This tortoiseshell beauty is Mabel. Since being in care her fosterer has had the chance to discover Mabel’s personality and she  has not shown any aggressive behaviour, but she is timid. She likes having a place to hide where she feels safe, but once she knows you, she will immediately come out of hiding for fuss and maybe even sit on you lap.

Mabel takes a while to warm up to people, but she is now sitting on regular cattery staffs laps, purring away and even drooling when she is very comfy. She has been allowing them to handle her when needed with no problems.

Mabel is a very sweet girl once she trusts you, just need time and patience.

Like many cats, Mabel is not overly keen on people being higher than her, she crouches down and tends to hide, she prefers people being her level. Mabel will sometimes growl at strange noises and go into hiding when unsure, but she can also be quite nosy with reassurance.

Medical issues/ dietary requirements:

Mabel developed cystitis shortly after arrival which was thought to be down to the stress of arriving at the cattery in a new environment. She will need to be kept on urinary wet and dry foods but these are readily available and not overly costly.

The best type of home for Mabel is one where it is all females and it’s quiet, with no other pets but with access to a garden. Mabel has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flea/worm treated. She needs a patient, loving home, but Mabel is worth the time required to ensure that she feels comfortable in her new home. Can you offer this beauty a caring, loving home?

Adopting a cat

When adopting a cat we try to make sure that everything goes smoothly so we have devised a step by step guide of what to expect

Step 1.
E-mail the homing officer on
or phone 01993 831 279 to inquire about the cat or kitten you’re interested in.

Step 2.
A home visit will be arranged. During the home visit, a representative from SCR will meet with you at your home to discuss the cat/kitten you’re interested in and the suitability of the cat to your home. Also, we discuss the basics of responsible cat ownership.

Step 3.
Following the home visit, the fosterer who has the cat or kitten that you are interested in will contact you to arrange a time to meet the cat/kitten.

Step 4.
Visit the cat! When you have met the cat/kitten and if you’re happy that this is the right cat for you and your family, you can adopt him/her right away! The fee for adoption is £65.00. Each cat and kitten in our care has had at least one veterinary check, flea treatment, and worming. Additionally, all cats over 5 months old are neutered before being re-homed. However, please note that this fee is a minimum donation. The true cost of feeding, caring for, veterinary treatment, spaying/neutering can be considerably more and we always welcome a further donation.

Step 5.
Take your kitty home! The fosterer will advise you when you pick up your cat/kitten of its routine, food, last date of flea and worm treatment, and any other pertinent information. They are always happy to speak to you regarding any concerns, advice, or even just to receive an update on how your new family member is getting on.

This may sound like a long process, but in reality the process can move quite quickly. Our main priority is to place the right cat or kitten in the right forever home.

Within 6 months of rehoming your cat/kitten a representative of SCR will contact you again to arrange a second visit, when details of neutering, vaccination and micro-chipping can be confirmed – and to meet a happy cat/kitten and a happy family.

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